The Minister of Industry, Mines and Trade announced in an interview with reporters after the start of the executive operations of the Pasargad Steel Development Plan: “We are looking to export the final steel products and prevent the sale of raw materials.”

According to Shata, Alireza Razm Hosseini announced this matter, adding: “One of the strategic plans and priorities of the Ministry of Industry, Mines and Trade is to complete industrial chains, including steel, in the country, which fortunately has been completed in some provinces.”

He pointed out that this route has become smoother in Fars province, he specified: the completion of the steel chain of this province has begun and the fourth phase of the Kavar Steel Development Plan is in the same direction, which has started its executive operations today.

The Minister of Industry, Mines and Trade, announcing that we must move towards the export of final steel products, emphasized: by preventing the sale of raw materials, employment will be provided.

Razm Hosseini continued: “We have the completion of the chain of all industries, including copper, aluminum, etc., on the agenda and we will follow it up.”

Filling vacancies using the power of large companies

Emphasizing the completion of vacant capacities, he announced: “We have about 10 million tons of vacant rolling capacity, and we plan to complete part of this capacity by large companies in the year of production leap.”