Provision of raw materials for production, the main priority of the Ministry of Silence / Prohibition of importing parts with similar domestic production

According to Shata reporter, Hossein Modarres Khiabani in his meeting with production associations and home appliance manufacturers announced the planning of the Ministry of Industry, Mines and Trade to provide the required currency for factories to import raw materials in a timely manner and said: The country’s way of salvation is the jump in production and export development, according to which the Ministry of Industry, Mines and Trade has four main strategies: “production jump”, “strengthening and deepening domestic production”, “export development and import control” and “market management and regulation”. Has made it his top priority.

The head of the Ministry of Industry, Mines and Trade added: “The first pillar in the realization of production leaps is the supply of raw materials needed by factories from domestic production and foreign resources, which according to measures, supply of raw materials from domestic production is one of the priorities of the Ministry of Industry.” Mining and trade; So that the downstream industries can supply the raw materials they need from the upstream industries with the least difficulty.

He announced the special mission of the Ministry of Industry’s Deputy for Industrial Affairs to review the optimal quotas and said: “Some manufacturing and selected industries should buy their raw materials directly from factories and have access to raw materials in a timely manner.” This is in the context that the country’s production must receive its raw materials from special and non-delayed routes today in order to keep the wheel of production moving.

“Today, the return of foreign exchange earned from exports by all sectors is a principle, and everyone should pay special attention to it,” the street teacher said, referring to consultations with the central bank to facilitate the currency commitment of currency producers. But for the return of foreign exchange from exports and the elimination of foreign exchange liabilities, serious differences must be made for producers who have capitalized on factories and machinery to facilitate the elimination of foreign exchange liabilities and pave the way for them.

He continued: “Those producers who, in addition to providing the domestic market and creating jobs, also help the country’s currency, should be at the forefront in providing raw materials and receiving facilities in various sectors and have a special line to do their business.”

The street teacher announced the Ministry of Industry, Mines and Trade’s plan to provide the currency needed by producers in importing raw materials, equipment and machinery in a timely manner, and said that the main way to provide the currency needed to import primary fashion for producers is from foreign exchange resources from exports. Mining products and other export-oriented export-oriented sectors are defined, and in parallel, other methods of providing foreign exchange are being pursued through the central bank; However, the Organization for the Development and Renovation of Mines and Mining Industries of Iran has promised to take on the currency needed to import raw materials for industries such as rubber, home appliances and automobiles; At the same time, the Trade Development Organization of Iran, in parallel, will make the necessary arrangements for the allocation of foreign exchange from the export of pistachios, saffron, nuts, bags and shoes, and sweets and chocolate to supply raw materials.

The head of the Ministry of Industry, Mines and Trade pointed out that as much as the special and green route has been created for the country’s non-oil exports, it is a red light for importing unnecessary goods similar to domestic production, and the Ministry of Industry, Mines and Trade has registered and ordered unnecessary and similar goods. Construction has been banned.

He added: “At the same time, the import of raw materials for manufacturing plants, basic goods and parts needed for production that are not made domestically, is also seriously supported by the Ministry of Industry, Mines and Trade.”

The street teacher pointed to the strategy of deepening and strengthening domestic construction and specified: “Production leaps need to deepen and develop domestic construction.” For this reason, internal construction tables should be held regularly and little targeting should be done to internalize the parts required by the country’s selected and valuable industries in order to monitor the achievement of the goal step by step.

He added: “The Ministry of Industry, Mines and Trade is ready to ban the import of any part of the home appliance industry that can be produced domestically.” However, this ban will be enforced on the basis of a joint minutes approved by the specialized associations of manufacturers and downstream industries and supervised by the Deputy Minister of Industry Affairs of the Ministry of Silence.

He added: “On the other hand, in proportion to the increase in production and the increase in the quality of domestically made parts, the Article One-Leg Commission will impose more restrictions on domestic imports of parts similar to domestically made parts.” This is because the country’s view of importing unnecessary and similar goods made domestically is strictly strict and prohibited, and on the contrary, it has defined a special line for export and a green route.

The street teacher also instructed the General Directorate of Export and Import Regulations and the Deputy for Industrial Affairs to hold joint meetings with the Customs of the Islamic Republic of Iran to review and eliminate the problems facing warrants and clearance of raw materials and parts required for production.

He added: “Home appliances are among the industries that can provide the conditions for production leaps by completing the empty capacities of their factories.” At the same time, exports can support the activation of the empty capacity of production units in terms of sales and markets.

The street teacher said: “Industrial estates will also design and set up construction zones so that in addition to displaying the achievements of domestic construction in the parts required by domestic industries, the needs of different industries can be extracted and the producer and manufacturer can be coordinated.”

Emphasizing the need to eliminate the grounds for smuggling of goods, he said: “Today, smuggling is not economically justified due to the increase in currency prices, and therefore producers have a mission to increase the level of their competitiveness to compete with smuggled goods.” But in this area, quality and increasing competitiveness come first.

The street teacher emphasized: The Ministry of Industry, Mines and Trade is the home of the producers and should solve the problems facing them.