Internal and external problems of steels

As we know, our country is one of the two main producers of steel in the world, and fortunately, due to the high quality of its products, the country’s products have a lot to say about steel, and with proper and continuous planning, we can supply iron and steel to target markets. According to steel market experts, our country, with its creative, elite and talented experts in production and trade, as well as divine resources, can overcome the obstacles ahead and impose sanctions and develop and maintain its markets.

In the current situation, the importance of exporting this product is not hidden from anyone due to currency appreciation, and the national and long-term interests require that we work for the preservation and development of this industry and have special programs. Today, we see that with the intensification of sanctions, most large industrial and mining units have faced more problems in exporting, and these sanctions, on the one hand, and the self-sanctioning and strictness of domestic managers, on the other hand, have created more problems for exporters. Unfortunately, logical principles have never been followed in the face of opportunities and challenges.

Now, it can be said that since the beginning of this year, based on the decisions taken by the Ministry of Industry, Mines and Trade, which has been given to a specific group to monopolize the export of steel products, it has eliminated the export sector of commercial companies active in this field. They could counter sanctions, face a deadlock, and lose their traditional customers abroad.

Most of these trading companies have cooperated with most steel mills in the country with the aim of providing their product portfolio, which is not limited to one type of product, and have requested representation from the mentioned factories in line with their export goals, but since the manufacturing plants Within the framework of the regulations of the Central Bank of the Islamic Republic of Iran, they are committed to returning the currency from their exports to the country, do not want to cooperate in the proposal proposed by commercial companies and establish independent business units to represent other companies. prefer Are simple, something that resulted in the removal of steel trading companies export cycle and the loss of customers after introducing them to the manufacturing plants