Azimian: Steel currency problems were resolved by Imidro’s pursuits

Managing Director of Mobarakeh Steel Company said: Imidro’s measures and the follow-up of Mr. Gharibpour, Chairman of Imidro’s Managing Board, solved the problems caused by the aftershocks of the currency crisis created by the steel industry.
Hamid Reza Azimian today, at the first meeting of Imidro executives, stated: After the shocks of the currency crisis in the year of 1997 appeared and caused the lock. The steel industry was becoming so obsolete that it made money transfers difficult.
He continued: “With the steps taken by Imidro’s Chief Executive Officer and in close and close communication with the Central Bank, all issues were resolved and we were able to move forward and achieve great success.” Managing Director of Mobarakeh Steel Company said that during the activity of the Chairman of the Board of Directors of Imidro, Mobarakeh Steel Company had the least problem.
He added, “The company has been going through capacity growth, production and quality improvement over the past 30 years.” Rolling project of Mobate 2
Azimian, referring to Rolling Plan 2 of the complex, said: “This plan was introduced late last year and is very necessary for Mobarakeh Steel Company.” The project adds 4.5 million tonnes to the country’s rolling capacity.
He continued: The products of this project are used in oil and gas, automotive, home appliances, construction and non-use industries and are effective in increasing quality and reducing cost.
Managing Director of Mobarakeh Steel Company said: We hope that in the next few months we will achieve results and that the project will be implemented with the support and support of Imidro in the next two to three years.
Sales and capital increase
He continued: The company had sales of 20,000,000 tomans in the first half of this year and saved 8500 billion tomans in profit. Azimian emphasized: With the permission of the stock exchange, Mobarakeh Steel Company has raised 21 thousand USD.
Azimian noted: We are in talks with Imidro to provide more supplies for raw materials

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