Fixed idling capacity in hot rolled steel

Dr. Khodadad Gharibpour at Mobarakeh Steel Pavilion at Iran Exhibition Metafo in response to Deputy Minister of Industry, Mine and Trade Development of Mobarakeh Steel stated: Our view of Mobarakeh Steel Company is in line with development. We believe that both the hot-rolled Mobarakeh Steel Plan should be implemented and that the Mobarak Steel plan will include the development plans of Hormozgan and Chabahar Steel. SteelBar is one of the large units that incorporates a great deal of technical knowledge into its engineering complex, and this has led SteelBar to play a technological role.

Deputy Minister of Industry, Mining and Commerce added: In addition, we are pursuing steel to be connected to the mine, which is to buy large production units of concentrates and pellets and add them to its production chain and manage and own the slogan from stone to paint. . At Mobel Steel we are also looking to expand our rolling stock as we seek sustainable supply of raw materials, so that the production of downstream steel products, which are also valuable products, can be integrated into its production chain.

Gharibpour said: “It is clear that this launch is also accompanied by problems and obstacles, but we at the Ministry of Health are pleased to announce that the steel industry needs hot rolling stock to meet its downstream industries and increase employment.” We will support this project. We assist Steel in financing, technical and technology, advancing project implementation and shareholder support, and we believe that these support and the will of Mob steel will work together to deliver a warm-up plan.

Imidro CEO pointed out that the completion of the hot rolling mill, in addition to the country’s need for new sheets and preventing the currency from leaving the country, will lead to a staggering three million tonnes of production capacity across the steel line, which will also become a complete product.

Dr Gharibpour emphasized helping the downstream industries by launching a hotline, adding that steelmaking is a mother industry and by providing the needs of related industries, it will boost production in the country. With the launch and completion of this project, in addition to the downstream industries, there will be a boom in production, which is in line with the supremacy of the supreme leader. In addition, the technological role of the project can be traced back to the technical knowledge available in Mobarakeh Steel.

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