Second Iranian National Steel Festival and Exhibition Registration: Title

According to the Iranian Steel Producers Association’s website, Dr. Bahram Sobhani said: The first Iranian National Steel Festival and Exhibition, held in January last year, initiated a widespread wave of localization and domestic supply support, which was thankfully welcomed. The country’s unique steel community was met. He added: At the request of steel chain manufacturers and suppliers, the second event of this national event was organized by the association and with the participation of all major steel and mining companies and domestic suppliers as well as with the support of Imidro, Ministry of Health, Science and Technology Department. Iran and Tehran chambers of commerce and chambers of commerce will be held in Tehran’s Milad Tower from January 23 to 26 this year. The president of the Iranian Steel Manufacturers Association said that this festival and exhibition is the largest gathering of Iranian steel and steel manufacturers, suppliers, traders and specialists and said: During the first period of this festival more than 1,400 Iranian Steel Managers and Officials attended the ceremony. The inauguration came together and over four days, more than 10,000 people visited Iran’s National Steel Exhibition, focusing on building opportunities inside the steel chain. Sobhani added: In the first phase of the festival, more than 220 agreements were signed between steelmakers and domestic suppliers for an estimated value of 900 billion tomans, which, according to monitoring, has reached half the contract and production and delivery levels so far. At the end, the president of the Iranian Steel Producers Association noted: Applicants for participation in the Second Iranian National Steel Festival and Exhibition can register through

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