The Megadomol unit of the Chadelmulo Direct Revival was inaugurated

“We are pleased to open this massive national project today in the Ardakan area and the Chaddelmu Industrial Complex,” the president said while attending the site of the steel plant.

He also congratulated all the managers, engineers, designers, investors and workers of this industrial unit.

Also, Engineer Mahmoud Nourian, CEO of Chadelmu Mining and Industrial Company, said during the inauguration ceremony of Chadelmuu’s Megamdol unit: “Chadelmu Industrial Complex has been built on a land of 7 hectares and has so far invested more than 6 trillion riyals to build units. Steel is invested in the complex.

According to the same report, Dr. Rouhani then attended a meeting of workers and engineers at the Chadelmullo Resuscitation and Steel Plant and visited these industrial units.
It is worth mentioning that the steel unit that started its operation is capable of producing 2.5 million sponge iron annually.

Operation of this steel unit completed the production chain of Chadermo Mining and Industrial Company in Yazd province. One of the features of this industrial unit, which is built adjacent to the steel ingot factory in Chadermo Industrial Complex in Ardakan, Yazd, is the use of hot charging method. In this method, the sponge iron enters the melting furnaces before cooling down to at least 2 ° C. Also another feature of this unit is the use of cooling air and closed circulation of water in the systems, which results in significant savings of 5% in electricity consumption and 2% in water consumption.
According to the same report, the construction of this steel prototype project has cost over 2, 5 trillion rials. And it has managed to create more than 2 jobs directly and 3 jobs indirectly.

It is worth mentioning that Chadmalu Mining and Industrial Company annually consumes 1.5 million iron ore concentrates.
1 and a half million tonnes of iron ore.
1 million tons of iron pellets.
2.7 million tons of sponge iron.
1 million and 6,000,000 steel bars.
And produces 6,000,000 steel sections, and is one of the leading mining companies to complete the steel production chain.
At the inauguration ceremony of this huge industrial unit, Dr. Rahmani, Minister of Industry, Mining and Commerce, Dr. Gharibpour, Chairman of the Imidro Executive Board, Governor of Yazd, Governor and Imam Friday, and the Ardakan people’s delegation, accompanied the President on the visit.

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