Rolling call to the First Vice President / 1 Main request from Jahangir

In a letter supporting the recent decision of the Ministry of Semet to eliminate the requirement of stock exchange as a condition of export, the lettermen stated that if such a measure were not adopted, due to the stagnation in steel demand, many rolling stocks would block. The small and the medium had to close and adjust their workforce.

The four-page petitioners have called for any restrictions on US steel exports in line with outrageous US sanctions, which have been declared a minimization of steel exports as one of the key axes of the sanctions and have therefore called on the first vice president to Quickly lift steel export barriers to tackle sanctions.

ن Rolling mills have announced their second request for a fair proportion of bullion and rebar prices. This section of the petition reads: “The Ministry of Industry, Mining and Commerce’s policy of lowering prices in the domestic market, in addition to damaging the rolling stock, has lost national interest due to increased bargaining power of export customers and depreciation. “Steel products have been exported.”

In their petition to Jahangir, referring to the 4% capacity of rolling stock units, the riders have stated that due to lack of demand there is no concern about regulating the domestic steel market.

Chilan’s report indicates that the five steel signatories signed the petition asking the first deputy head of government to impose domestic export restrictions and restrictions, given the non-tariff barriers created by the Iraqi border customs. As the largest target market for mountaineering products, it is through political relations that it is necessary to reopen borders and adjust current tariffs.

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