Forum introduction

Introduction of the Guild of Steel Pipes Manufacturers and Transmission Lining



Fortunately, the production of steel tubes in recent years has attracted considerable investment in this industry, which resulted in the capacity of producing and manufacturing steel pipes and tubing in this land to an impressive figure of four million tons and The internal and external coating of steel pipes has also increased to 30 million square meters a year. At present, a total of 17 major domestic companies with billions of Rials are investing heavily in the fields of manufacturing and coating steel tubes. These steel pipe manufacturers have achieved a degree of production capacity and technical capabilities and international standards, which in addition to supplying all the needs of inland pipelines, can supply their surplus to world markets. , Provided the conditions are met.

The goals of forming an association

– An effort to organize the production and improve the quality of service to continuous marketing members by obtaining information on supply and demand, prices, consumption and production markets for supply to members using the latest global finds to achieve the legal goals of industrial development

-Going and defending the rights and interests of the members of the trade and professions through the provision of a proposal and attracting the support of the authorities and the governmental and national organizations to the goals of the association

-establishing links with banks and credit organizations of the country as well as financial organizations and international monetary organizations

-Increase information and create a database in related fields and research into b Identifying needs and priorities

-Planning to meet the needs of the guild, educating, developing and expanding the activities of the members of the association

-Carrying out any scientific and research activities both within and outside the country within the framework of thematic laws to achieve the goals of the Association and its members.

– An effort to promote the production and upgrading of the quality of the goods subject to the activities of the members of the association;

– To strive for the legitimate and legitimate rights of members through the creation of appropriate areas for achieving the goals of the association;

– Efforts to promote resource efficiency and production capacities of members of the association.


Pipe maker and tube coating problems

– The cessation of some development projects and, consequently, the lack of capacity of the pipe manufacturer and the coverage of the work, the timely failure to pay the demands of the companies by government employers, which, in view of the current costs, has led companies to turn to banking resources. .

-It is a heavy payment of interest on loans from banks and delinquency penalties that arise from the failure to meet their claims to government

-owned bankers in the event of delays in payments to their counterparty companies, Instead, the banks, taking into account their interest and offenses, use the legal leverage, the company They are pushing for production.

-Importing steel pipes from abroad, while making it possible inside the country, will not exploit the country’s productive capacities and the unemployment of manpower.


Important Forum Priorities

– Cooperation with executive agencies and companies implementing pipeline projects for the use of production and capacities within the country

– Cooperation and coordination with the Commission of Industries and Mines, Energy and Civil Affairs of the Islamic Consultative Assembly on solving the problems of the factories producing pipe and coating

– Cooperate with industry, mining and commerce, oil and power ministries to reflect the problems of the members of this association

-Follow up on the problems and demands of members of the association from government employers and project implementers.